Spinal Decompression

Our backs carry the load of everything we do all day. They are built so that the vertebrae and discs stack neatly along the spinal column in order to hold us upright while allowing some flexibility. It doesn’t take much for these moving parts to come out of alignment and lead to disc compression, in the form of disc bulges or herniations, which can then lead to pinched nerves. Dr. Ronald Arconati and his team at Oakville Health and Wellness Center, of St. Louis, MO, help perform spinal decompression to relieve the symptoms this can cause.

How Does the Spine Become Compressed?
Our spines have specific joints that are designed to evenly distribute the downward forces imposed by everyday life.  However, if these joints are abused with chronic repetition, overly heavy loads and weights, or improperly aligned, then they start to wear faster and in unbalanced ways, thus giving way to back problems and possibly assault and injury.  The most common things that lead to compression include jarring impacts, carrying heavy loads, and improper posture. These usually happen due to home and auto accidents, workplace repetition, and improper lifting practices. Regular back use over an extended period of time can also lead to disc injuries, even with no apparent impacts or specific activities.

Compressed discs can pinch the nerves or soft tissues in the area. When nerves are pinched, it can result in pain, tingling, and/or numbness to extremities such as hands and feet. Reduced efficiency in nerve messaging may also lead to inflammation and soreness.
Certain muscle groups in the back will also have to work harder to deal with carrying the offset load, which will lead to muscle aches and tightness.

How Can Spinal Decompression Help?
By manually adjusting the misaligned vertebrae, restoring motion into the joint spaces and allowing the discs to decompress, we ensure the spine’s nerves that can be pinched will experience relief, therefore providing a remedy of the related pain or numbness. Muscles that were working harder to handle the weight imbalance will be able to rest, allowing aches and inflammation to subside.

Our team can also provide individual suggestions on how best to prevent future compressions.

If you would like to know more about whether or not spinal decompression may benefit you, call 314-846-2100 to schedule a consultation with Oakville Health and Wellness Center, of St. Louis, MO, so Dr. Ronald Arconati can begin your path to wellness.

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