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An auto accident can be an absolute nightmare, as you're trying to deal with insurance companies, car rental services, and work. While all of that is essential, addressing your health after a car accident needs to be somewhere in the mix. At Oakville Health & Rehab, serving St. Louis, MO, and the nearby region, we'd like it to be a top priority. Dr. Ronald Arconati has successfully treated hundreds of victims of auto accidents, usually with outstanding results, but the sooner a problem is addressed, the easier it usually is to treat.

Types of Car Accident Injuries 

Our auto injury chiropractor in St. Louis, MO, helps patients with a variety of issues. For instance, sprains and rotator cuff injuries may occur as a result of the force during an accident. Some people experience herniated spinal discs. 

Whiplash is one of the more well-known injuries from a car accident. This particular injury usually comes from a rear-end collision when your car is in the front. What happens is the impact of the collision propels your neck forward. It then moves backward and forward again, like the snapping of a whip. The trauma from the collision stresses the soft tissue in the neck, resulting in a number of problems, like numbness and tingling or a limited range of motion. 

A traumatic brain injury occurs either from your head being jostled around or having an impact with a part of the vehicle. As a result, you may experience a concussion. 

And these are merely a few examples of what we help with. 

Your Treatment  

The treatment our chiropractor uses for you depends on your specific situation. For instance, it may consist of a standard chiropractic adjustment, which is when our practitioner will ease the stress on the nervous system by correcting subluxations. Sometimes, the treatment may be spinal decompression, which takes the stress of the sensitive discs in between the vertebrae. 

Exercise therapy is also a treatment we may use. It consists of our practitioner guiding you through exercises that work that part of the body. These are gentle stretches, and they gradually increase in repetition and intensity as you heal, ultimately optimizing your healing.

We may provide you with more treatments geared toward helping you reduce your pain as you recover, such as ultrasound therapy or cold laser therapy. 

Oakville Health & Rehab, serving St. Louis, MO, has Dr. Arconati who's available for treatment after a car accident. As an auto injury chiropractor, our practitioner can find a treatment plan to help you recover as much as possible comfortably. 

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